Voice ever ancient, ever new. Friday-Week18-2013.

In commenting on Matthew 16:26 from today’s Mass Readings, Origen of Alexandria writes:

“But what shall a person give in exchange for his life, would seem, if spoken in answer to a query, to indicate a person who trades his life; a person who, after sin, has given up his substance in order that his property might feed the poor. He would in that way receive salvation. Yet, in a positive light, I think this indicates that there is nothing in a person that he can give in trade for his life that will buy off death. God, however, has ransomed us all with the priceless blood of Jesus so that “we are bought with a price,” “having been purchased not with perishable things like silver and gold but with the priceless blood of the spotless, flawless Lamb,” Christ (Commentary on Matthew, 12).”

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