Universal Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful. Ordinary Time, Week 13.

Father in heaven, You are our inheritance. Your Spirit-inspired Word moves us to voice these petitions to You in the Name of Your beloved Son, Jesus.

1. Father, You are our inheritance. [PAUSE] Elisha and all the prophets proclaimed Your life-giving word. [PAUSE] For Pope Francis, Archbishop Charles and all who proclaim and teach the inheritance of Your sacred Word; [PAUSE] as well as for docile and receptive hearts to the Word of God in all people, we pray …

2. Father, You are our inheritance. [PAUSE] Saint Paul reminded us that we were “called for freedom” and cautioned not to misuse this gift. [PAUSE] Teach us in this and all countries to grasp freedom’s true meaning and to always exercise it wisely as an inherited gift from You. We pray …

3. Father, You are our inheritance. [PAUSE] Your Son proclaimed and did the work of Your Kingdom as a way of life. [PAUSE] We pray for our parish to seek only and to live only the inheritance of the Kingdom of God. We pray …

4. Father, You are our inheritance. [PAUSE] The gift of Your inheritance is lived in peoples of cultures throughout the world. [PAUSE] For an approach to immigration that reverences the dignity of all human beings created in Your image and likeness, we pray …

5. Father, You are our inheritance. [PAUSE] For the all sick to know that each is precious in the Lord’s eyes, especially … [PAUSE]
Receive into the eternal inheritance of Heaven all who have died, especially ... We pray …

God our Father,
Who gave one origin to all peoples and
willed to gather from them one family for Yourself,
fill all hearts, we pray,
with the fire of Your love and kindle in them a desire
for the advancement of their neighbor, that,
through the good things which You richly bestow upon all,
each human person may be brought to perfection,
every division may be removed, and
equity and justice may be established in human society.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever.

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