Eternal rest grant unto Father Ambrosius Klaus Eßer OP, O Lord!

On this feast day of Saint Dominic, I express gratitude to one (certainly, there are others!) of my mentors: Father Ambrosius Eßer (Esser [Eszer]), OP who directed by doctoral studies in the Fathers of the Church and my dissertation on Saint Gregory of Nyssa. As a young Dominican friar, Father Eßer studied under the great patristic scholar, Father Irene Hausher. I am grateful for the many conversations in which the uber polyglot, stunningly brilliant, witty, humorous and holy Father Eßer ‘handed-on’ the great patristic legacy of the Church and the insights of Father Hausher.

After years of ministry as a Dominican priest, Fr Eßer died during the Easter Season of 2010 on April 12.

Lord God,
You chose our brother Ambrosius
to serve your people as a priest
and to share the joys and
burdens of their lives.
Look with mercy on him
and give him the reward of his labors,
the fullness of life promised to those
who preach Your holy Gospel.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Amen. Alleluia!