Growth in Jesus Christ

“And through my growth in faith, the Lord Jesus Christ has constantly become greater for me in spirit and mind. For no one who believes in Christ can deny that along this path he becomes more fired with longing, so that after long contemplation and exaltation he perceives that Jesus alone should be loved. With joy he abandons all else and embraces him as the true life and the everlasting joy. Everything else gives way before anyone who thus enters into Christ, and neither anything written nor this world can offer any difficulties to him, for he is transformed into Jesus on account of the Spirit of Christ that dwells within him and that is the goal of spiritual desire. May you, most reverend Father, pray to him without ceasing and with a humble heart for me, a poor sinner, that we may both be found worthy to enjoy him eternally.” (Nicholas of Cusa, Docta ignorantia quoted in God Sent His Son by Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.)