Easter Week 6: Wednesday

“But when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth.h He will not speak on his own, but he will speak what he hears, and will declare to you the things that are coming.” (John 16:13)

Saint Augustine of Hippo offers the following insight on this verse from today’s Gospel:

“Beloved, you should not expect to hear from us what the Lord refrained from telling his disciples because they were still unable to bear them. Rather, seek to grow in the love that is shed abroad in your hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to you so that, fervent in spirit and loving spiritual things, you may be able — not by any sign apparent to your bodily eyes or any sound striking on your bodily ears but by the inward eyesight and hearing — to become acquainted with that spiritual light and that spiritual word that carnal people are unable to bear. For that cannot be loved that is altogether unknown. But when what is known, in however small a measure, is also loved, by the same love, one is led on to a better and fuller knowledge. If, then, you grow in the love that the Holy Spirit spreads abroad in your hearts, “He will teach you all truth,” or, as other codices have it, “He will guide you in all truth;” as it is said, “Lead me in your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth.” So shall the result be, that not from outward teachers will you learn those things that the Lord at that time declined to utter, but you will all be taught by God, so that the very things that you have learned and believed by means of lessons and sermons supplied from without your minds themselves may have the power to perceive.” (Tractates on the Gospel of John, 96)

Easter Collect
Grant, we pray, O Lord,
that, as we celebrate in mystery
the solemnities of Your Son’s Resurrection,
so, too, we may be worthy
to rejoice at His coming with all the Saints.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

The Lord is risen! Alleluia!
He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!