Voices ever ancient, ever new. Tuesday-Week19-2013.

In commenting on Matthew 18:10 from today’s Mass Readings, Chromatius of Aquileia writes:

And rightly the Lord has said, “The Son of man has come to save what had perished,” so that all the more he might show that not one of these little ones who believe in Christ should be despised. For their sake the Son of God came down from heaven and saved them by his Passion. It was for this that he took on the body of our human weakness, so that he might in every way save this one who had perished. For the elements of the world have kept the law given them by the Lord. Humanity alone has been found the transgressor. Alone we had fallen from immortality into death. And for this reason to save us the Son of God at a mature time descended from heaven according to the will of the Father. Hence, quite rightly Solomon speaks of a time of destroying and a time of saving. There was a time when the devil destroyed humankind. But again there came a time when the Son of God, the only begotten Son of God, saved the human race for life (Tractate on Matthew, 57).”