Sunday the Fourteenth

“The harvest (θερισμὸς) is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest (θερισμοῦ) to send out laborers for his harvest (θερισμὸν)  [Luke 10: 2].”
          θερισμὸς, commonly translated harvest, has another interesting meaning in antiquity. Closely associated with the time to harvest or to reap, θερισμὸς can also be translated as summer-work or the work of summer time.
          An interesting twist on Jesus’ word sending the disciples out on mission might be to examine, ‘what is the summer time work Jesus sends us to do?’
          Since this Sunday falls in the midst of summer time and the Fourth of July civil holiday, the homilist might consider that a work of summer time involves being outdoors with many people. As we are with one another, what words do we speak on these summer days; words of encouragement, support and compassion or words of slander, gossip, and complaint? Many on the beach, around the pool, on the deck, or in the mountains enjoy a good leisurely read outside. Among the books we read, is there any reading that nourishes and fortifies the soul?

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